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margins aims to transform ‘diversity’ into more than just a buzzword. As MFA candidates at Boston University, we discovered that the Visual Art and Design landscape once defined by a limited demographic has evolved. The people in our community look, think, respond, and make differently, and we want these voices and perspectives to join the foreground. 


It’s time to adjust our margins.


Padmini Chandrasekaran

Padmini (Pam) is a graphic designer who has a hard time explaining where she’s from, but currently includes India, Bahrain, NYC and Kuwait in most versions of the story. She’s usually the loudest in the room both in person and design decisions. When she’s not designing, she likes to write, discover new music and spends perhaps an unhealthy amount of time reading Harry Potter.

Alicia DeWitt

Alicia is a graphic designer from Illinois passionate about working at intersections and overlaps. She’s the middle daughter of three, and thus, a natural at mediation, sharing, and keeping secrets. Her favorite pastimes include crossword puzzles and transforming cheeky pop songs into slow, operatic ballads.

Joshua Duttweiler

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Joshua is graphic designer and photographer. His work ranges from designed environments to wedding photography as he continues to be fascinated by the human experience and storytelling in all types of media. When he isn't creating, he enjoys traveling, reading and consuming caffeine, typically in the form of iced coffee.

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